5 Things to Consider Before Moving to Another State

5 Things to Consider Before Moving to Another State

Moving is exciting and stressful. Factor in a large move like relocating to a new state and the thought of moving can be overwhelming. You’re not alone; 35.5 million people move each year in the United States.

We’ve put together a list of five key steps to take before you make the move. Help your move go as smoothly as possible by researching, planning, decluttering, and organizing ahead of time. And of course, hire a moving company. A reliable moving company will take care of the majority of the work, so you can focus on the most important part — your new beginning.

Tip #1: Research Cost of Living

The cost of living, or the amount of money you’ll need for basic expenses, vary from state to state and city to city. As you explore job opportunities, housing locations, or, even if you’re just now considering an out-of-state move, take a look at some basic costs at your new location:

  • Housing - Whether you are renting or buying, consider housing in nearby cities and neighboring counties. You might want to look at recent sales, school districts, and future building plans, if any, for the neighborhood.
  • Groceries - Online calculators and a little research can give you a rough idea of grocery costs per family. You may also want to explore what type of grocery stores are available in your future neighborhood.
  • Gas - Calculate your planned commute and estimate your monthly gas expenses. Take into consideration traffic patterns, which you can see on apps like Google Maps.
  • Utilities - Take into account common utilities like electricity, natural gas, internet, cable, and water.

Several online tools, like the Council for Community and Economic Research, are great resources for getting a rough idea of the cost of living in your future location. A little research can help you determine your future neighborhood, how to adjust your budget once you get there, and how much money you need to save for moving expenses.

Tip #2: Find Your Future Community

If you can, plan to visit your new location to get a good feel for the community and neighborhood. If you can’t visit ahead of time, here are some tips to get better acquainted before you arrive:

  • Take a look at regional demographics to find a community with like-minded individuals.
  • Look up local events and popular locations for new ways to connect and get to know your new city.
  • Research the average seasonal temperatures. Be prepared with an appropriate wardrobe, and get an estimate for seasonal heating and cooling costs.

Tip #3: Get Rid of Unneeded Items

Get rid of items you don’t need now! There’s no better time to declutter and go through your items than when you’re packing. Create three separate piles for items you don’t use or need:

  • Items for a garage sale
  • Items to donate
  • Items to throw away

Tip #4: Keep Your Packing Organized

As daunting as packing can feel, approach it simply to stay organized. Pack all non-essential items first: books, home decor, and electronics. Leave essentials like kitchen items, dinnerware, and toiletries for the end. Those are the items you may still need up until the last day of packing.

Before you start sorting and filling boxes, you’ll want to determine the number of rooms you need to pack. This will give you a better idea of the number and type of boxes you will need. Also, consider if some lighter, non-breakable items can be packed in slightly-used boxes from friends or grocery stores. Packing boxes are the ideal choice for heavier items and fragile items as they are designed with a sturdy structure.

A couple of tips as you pack:

  • Keep your essentials box clearly marked, and easy to locate and access during and after your move.
  • Keep your important documents and records stored in a clearly-labeled box.
  • Set aside items — valuables or heavy items — that should be packed by your moving company to ensure safe delivery.

Tip #5: Hire a Reliable Moving Company

As you make progress in planning your out-of-state move, interview several reliable moving companies to find the best one. In addition to cost, you should:

  • Look at company reviews and ratings.
  • Schedule a free quote.
  • Use a company that is licensed and insured.
  • Confirm what is and what isn’t going to be packed.
  • Ask about moving any unique pieces like artwork or pianos.
  • Ask about storage facilities.

Quality Moving Services will simplify your next move. Our promise to you is that we’ll show up on time, put items where you request, and handle your belongings with care.

We know not all moves go as planned, so we offer short and long-term storage facilities as an additional option if you need to temporarily store your items. All your items will be protected and safely moved in and out, as needed, of our storage unit. Make your next move stress-free. Request a free quote today.