Steps Movers Are Taking During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Steps Movers Are Taking During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As we enter the fourth month of the coronavirus pandemic, we also enter one of the peak times for moving. In fact, 70 percent of moving is done in the spring and summer.

If you think about it, it really makes sense. If someone lives in a college town, most leases run from August to July. Many people also don’t prefer to move in the winter months due to colder weather and a higher chance of bad weather like snow or sleet. 

So if it’s the peak time for moving, and with people having to social distance from each other for the pandemic, a lot of people might be thinking about hiring movers to help them for the first time—which is a great idea because movers have been taking steps to protect their clients since the beginning of the pandemic.  

Movers are:


Moving businesses are essential, and because of this, they have been in operation from the beginning of the pandemic back in February. They also got to stay open when other businesses had to close. 

To put that into perspective, they’ve been able to learn new and improved ways to protect their clients during the pandemic while also still helping them move. They are one of the most prepared businesses when it comes to protecting people because they have been doing it for so long. 

Some of the ways they are protecting clients include:

  • Taking daily temperatures of employees.
  • Monitoring employees for sick symptoms.
  • Making sure movers wear gloves when necessary.
  • Making sure movers wear masks at all times.
  • Doing regular sanitization stops throughout the moving process.
  • Maintaining as much of a six-foot distance as possible during the moving process.
  • Sanitizing all equipment.

Movers like us also are giving recommendations to their clients on how to protect their items from the virus or other germs, such as wrapping all of their furniture, getting bags for their mattresses and using new cardboard boxes. 

It’s also recommended you recycle those boxes after use. To be extra cautious, you should also bag up those boxes in a recycling bag to protect garbage workers. 


With the pandemic—or honestly even without the pandemic—it can be hard to find family and friends who are able to help move your things. Think about it, if you don’t plan on downsizing and especially if you are upsizing, you have loads of things to pack and unpack, from small items to large furniture. 

And do we really want Cousin Dave with a bad back lifting your La-Z-Boy recliner with little to no help? Probably not. 

Movers are trained for this. They can lift anything, and there are usually enough of them to lift the largest objects from furniture to appliances. This way you finally can relax after the stress that comes with packing everything up and let the professionals do the grunt work for you. 


If you think about it, without the right help or just enough help, it could take you hours to pack up your things, put them in the truck and unload them. Unfortunately, sometimes people aren’t the best packers when it comes to trucks, so you could create more hassle for yourself than needed. 

Movers, on the other hand, are efficient, which means no wasted time. As long as you have everything ready for them when they pull up, they usually can pack and unpack things within two hours if it’s a two-bedroom situation. 

So instead of a day-long process, you handle everything in three hours or less, which gives you more time to make your new home yours and saves you money if you’re renting a truck or other things to assist in the move. 

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