Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Local Moving Company

Five Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Local Moving Company

When making a move, there’s a lot to think about. Meetings, closings, making utility changes, maybe even getting set at a new school must all be on your moving checklist.

But one of the most important details you should be thinking about before any of this is choosing a local moving company. There are several local movers in the Chester, Va., area, so how do you make the best choice? 

Today we will share with you five questions you should ask moving companies before making the decision on who will be responsible for moving your belongings.

1. How experienced is the company? How many years has it been in business?

While you may find plenty of smaller moving companies around, some of these are companies that take on moves as a way to pick up some cash while going to college. Finding an experienced mover is key to having a smooth moving experience. 

A moving company that has been around for several years has probably seen it all when it comes to moving challenges: multi-level townhomes with tight staircases; long, unpaved driveways; street parking challenges; and everything in between.

 A seasoned moving company will have the right equipment to safely and effectively move your personal belongings and the know-how to handle your particular moving situation.

2. Does the local moving company hold the proper licenses to operate?

In order to operate legally as a moving company, the company must be licensed with the state of Virginia. This license ensures that the carrier has insurance and bonding coverage as well as meets other standards required by Virginia law. 

The moving company should be able to provide you with this license number upon request.

3. What do others say about the company? Do they have good reviews?

Checking the reviews for a moving company can be very telling of the actual quality of service they provide. 

Read up on the company’s reviews on various sites like Angie’s List, Facebook and Google. This can give you a good idea of what others have experienced with this company, and the company’s response to reviewers can give you an insight into the professionalism you can expect.

4. Is the price you are quoted a true estimate, or could there be additional (hidden) fees?

When you are getting a quote for moving services, it helps to know what average prices are in your area. Also, be sure to ask if the estimate you are given is all-inclusive. 

Moving companies should work off a tariff, which will outline rates and terms of service, including any additional fees you may incur (in case of cancellation, changes of date, additional services, etc.)

5. What kind of liability insurance coverage does the company offer?

Of course, everyone hopes to have a 100 percent smooth and uneventful move where everything on the packing list is accounted for, nothing gets lost or broken, and the moving truck arrives safely at your new space without incident. 

Unfortunately, accidents do happen, even to the most experienced of movers. Things shift in unexpected ways within the moving truck, other drivers cause traffic accidents, and even the strongest and most careful guys miss a step now and then.

So what coverage does your moving company offer to protect you?  Federal law requires moving companies to offer multiple insurance options: declared value protection, full value protection and released value protection. 

Declared value protection takes the weight of your entire contents and multiplies by $1.25. Each individual item is covered for its depreciated value. Full value protection covers the full replacement cost of items and varies in price by moving company and by the deductible. Released value is the most basic coverage and is offered at no additional charge. The price may be right, but the protection is minimal, covering no more than 60 cents per pound per article—meaning that, for instance, your 20lb LCD TV would be covered for a whole $12 if damaged.

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