8 Pro Tips for Hiring Moving Services in the Winter

8 Pro Tips for Hiring Moving Services in the Winter

Sure, most moves in Virginia happen during the summer. But did you know it can actually be more convenient and less expensive to schedule a move in the winter? 

As long as you do some advance planning, it’s no sweat to make a winter move. Here are some tips from us at Quality Moving Services for planning a move during the colder months.

1- Pick a Date With Your Mover

It’s smart to move in the winter because it tends to be the off-season for moving companies and you’ll probably have your pick of dates. You might even be able to find seasonal specials for extra savings. Work with your mover to select a workable date and time, leaving a bit of flexibility in case the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Also, ask about your mover’s rescheduling policy for bad weather and discuss whether there will be any additional fee if it happens. A good moving company is well-prepared for any weather-related situation.

2- Plan for Limited Daylight

When you’re planning your move, it’s easy to forget that the days are so much shorter in winter. Depending on the date and the weather conditions, you could be working in near-darkness as early as 4:45 p.m. in mid-winter.

The best way to handle this is by discussing the total duration of your move with your moving company so you can set a timeframe. If they’re predicting that it will take 9 hours, you’ll need to get an early start in order to avoid moving in the dark.

3- Keep an Eye on the Weather and Route

As your moving day approaches, check the weather forecast repeatedly for both locations - your starting point and your destination. If it looks like there will be a blizzard or a major rainstorm ahead, give your moving company a heads-up just in case.

Also, take a look at construction zones in the area and ensure the entire route will be open and free of congestion. Road construction isn’t just a summertime event and actually happens nearly year-round, especially on major highways.

4- Schedule Pet Boarding

Plan in advance to keep your furry friends safe and out of the way by arranging to board them during the move. This is particularly important if you are moving around the winter holidays when many pet boarding facilities are more booked up than usual.

5- Double-Check Your New Utilities

It’s always a good idea to double-check that the utilities will be turned on at your new place, but it’s especially important in the wintertime. You don’t want to arrive only to discover that it’s freezing cold and the pipes are frozen.

Keep things toasty warm until the movers arrive, then turn down the thermostat while everyone is shuffling in and out. If you keep the door to the bathroom closed, you’ll still have a small, warm spot for people to warm up - and if there are a few warm beverages standing by, you’ll be everyone’s hero.

6- Shovel the Walkways and Driveway

When there’s snow or ice outside, clear off the main walkways before your movers arrive. Add some salt and keep a snow shovel on hand. It’s important to keep people safe and moving along at a quick pace, even in bad weather.

7- Cover Your Floors

The wintertime can add unavoidable moisture and mess to a move. If you’re worried about your flooring, express your concern to your movers. Plastic tarps and drop cloths can help protect your floors as long as they aren’t too slippery for people to walk on them safely. 

Floor mats outside the doors are a huge help. It’s also a good idea to have towels, furniture blankets, and floor sliders on hand so you have some options for moving wet and heavy objects.

8- Stay Organized and Stay in Touch

Finally, stay organized throughout the move by labeling boxes carefully and plotting out exactly where all the furniture should go. Plan to keep valuable and personal items locked in your own vehicle, like medications, money, jewelry, electronics, and paperwork. 

Stay in close contact with your moving company and check in one last time just before moving day. A winter move is nothing to fear when you’re working with the moving professionals at Quality Moving Services.