How Do I Choose A Local Moving Company?

How Do I Choose A Local Moving Company?

Are you getting ready to make a local move in the Chesterfield, Charlottesville, or Norfolk, Virginia areas? Feeling like there are so many moving company options but are unsure of how to choose? Finding the right moving company for your local move can feel almost as stressful as the process of buying or renting your new home!

There are so many moving companies to choose from, how do you choose the most reliable, the highest quality, the best for your budget? How do you find the one that is right for your needs? Today we will discuss some things you’ll want to find out before hiring your moving company. Ask these important questions before you make your final decision:

How experienced is the moving company? How long have they been in business?

A company that has been around for a good while will have more experience meeting challenges that they may face in your move. They have seen it all from street parking down the block, 3 story townhomes, long, unpaved driveways, top floor apartments, and everything in between. They will have the know-how to handle anything that may come up during your move.

Is the moving company licensed with the state of Virginia?

A professional moving company that is legally operating in the state of Virginia will have a Household Goods Carrier certificate that licenses them to move household goods between residences. The company should be able to produce this certificate information upon request. If not, move on, and quickly.

Does the company offer liability coverage? If so, what is covered?

A dream move where nothing is misplaced, mispacked, lost, broken, or damaged can happen, but in case it doesn’t, will the moving company you choose have you covered? Or will they say “too bad!” and send you on your way?

There are usually multiple levels of protection offered, Full value protection - which covers you for the actual value of items lost, destroyed, or damaged in a move, or released value protection, which is a minimal level of coverage, usually giving you a minimal dollar amount per pound of goods damaged, destroyed, or lost. Find out what sort of coverage the moving company offers before making your commitment.

What do the company’s reviews look like?

Today’s consumer is quick to take to the internet to tell you all about how great – or terrible their experience was with a company. Check up on the company in question by looking at independent reviews.

Some places to look would be Google reviews, Facebook, Angie’s List, and the BBB. Also, watch for responses from the company – many review sites allow companies to respond to their consumers’ reviews. Their attitude in the responses to both positive and negative reviews can easily speak volumes about the company.

Does the moving company offer temporary storage solutions?

You may not anticipate the need for temporary storage now, but if you need it – say the closing date on your new property moves by two weeks and you have to be out of your current housing situation tomorrow – having the option to hold your household goods in a temporary storage facility, instead of scrambling to have things unloaded at a self-storage center, and reloaded again when the new home is ready – is invaluable.

Some local moving companies have this as an option, whereas many do not. Finding a company that can accommodate holding your household items while you are in “limbo” can make a huge difference in the stress level – and the end cost – of your move.

What are the most common items most moving companies refuse to move?

Keep in mind that most moving companies cannot move hazardous products like gasoline, oxygen bottles, lighter fluid, matches, propane cylinders, nail polish remover, paint and paint thinners, or other flammable products. We also recommend that you keep any valuables with you at all times during the move.

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