How Should I Prepare For My Residential Move?

How Should I Prepare For My Residential Move?

Moving can feel like a whirlwind of paperwork, stress, and boxes of who-knows-what. Being prepared can not only help make your moving experience less stressful but also save you significant amounts of time and money. Here are some tips on what to do to prepare for your residential move:


Tip #1: Declutter! 

You may have already done some work on reducing your household clutter and extra "stuff" before you put your current residence on the market to sell,
but taking some extra time to really comb through your belongings and get rid of the things you don't need now can save you money and stress in the end.

While it may seem like a tedious task, doing a thorough and honest decluttering before you move can save you money on packing materials, less stuff
takes less time to move, and your castoffs can even make you some cash if you decide to make time to sell some of your more valuable "stuff". Sorting through boxes full of things you forgot you had when you get to your new home will leave you feeling drained and annoyed, so why not get rid of it now?


Tip #2: Stay Organized!

Keeping all the details, deadlines, important papers, phone numbers and your contact information together and organized is very important. Here are some ideas to keep it together, even if you are not a natural organizer:

If you prefer to stay with hard-copy, traditional organizing methods, use a binder or expanding file to keep all of the important documents, receipts, and business cards you may need in one place. Buy a small, spiral-bound planner to keep with the moving papers and write down all of the important dates and deadlines.

Prefer a digital solution? Use an information management app like Evernote to manage all of the notes, to-dos, and deadlines. Evernote keeps all of your stuff together in one place, and you can even scan your documents and business cards into a searchable PDF form.    


Tip #3: Call On Professionals!

Regardless of if you are simply wanting to hire a truck and will “DIY” your move – or are looking for a full service, packing, moving, storing, and unpacking service – or really, anything in between, you’ll want to do your research. Some moving companies offer several options, with levels of service to suit nearly any budget. Here are some steps to follow to be sure you hire a moving company that is right for your needs:

  • Seek out a reputable mover that has good reviews on social channels and sites like Angie’s List. 
  • Be sure the company has the proper licenses and insurance to cover any accidents.
  • Check into the services the companies offer – some companies only offer the basics, where some offer various levels of service to suit your budget.
  • Be sure the company has availability in the time frame you need to move. It also may be wise to see if the company offers storage solutions in the event that your move in date is later than anticipated, leaving a gap of time after your move-out date.


When you are ready to make your move, Quality Moving Services is your Richmond-area moving specialist. We are ready to provide you with the moving and short term storage solutions that you need. Contact us today for a quote!